Sunday, February 5, 2017

Poems that Illustrate Aspects of Personality

...when we fight with our failing / we ignore the entrance to the shrine itself... David Whyte, "The Faces at Braga"
Our perfectionism can lead us to preach at others who fail to live up to our expectations. To escape the judgments driven by anger, we may "run amok" at times.

We sometimes give advice whether others want it or not, seeing ourselves as "helpful." When driven by pride it's difficult to admit our own needs.

At times we're self-promoting and tend to seek our reflection in the eyes of others. Vanity's focus is looking good and, if stuck in this mode, our inner life may be lacking.

It's easy to focus on our flaws and/or sink into moodiness and sad stories. When stuck in this dynamic we feel envy, and the grass seems greener somewhere else.

Engaging our minds as a defense against deep feelings may lead to disdaining emotions. Being stuck here is a kind of hoarding, a stinginess of affection.

Sometimes we're stuck in self-doubt, indecision, and/or procrastination. Driven by fear, we may look for hidden agendas and be accusing, especially of those in power.

In search of pleasure and variety, we can become overly enthusiastic: life MUST be fun! When stuck in this state of gluttony, pretty much everything feels like an addiction.

Our "bull-in-the-china-shop" moments make it difficult to acknowledge vulnerability. Driven by 'lust', we feel responsible and may pursue power aggressively.

Being too "nice" leads us to merge with others' preferences. There's merit in seeing all sides of an issue, but indolence keeps us out of touch with our own wishes.

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